About API

Since our first student intake in 1998, API has recognised the vital importance of language to bring, bridge and build people across nations. Our graduates include people from all walks of life, especially those from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

API has been acknowledged as being the very first college in Australia to provide unique multicultural courses, including language training, small business programs and community & health care courses. Since then, API has welcomed students from at least 30 nationalities over the last 21 years. If you walk around our campuses, you’ll see that it resembles a mini “United Nations”!

Graduation Ceremony 2018

As a student of the college, we do this with a uniquely holistic and multicultural approach by:

  1. giving you a warm welcome and providing you the assurance of a friendly and caring environment,
  2. making available broader opportunities for you to experience all facets of Australian living and
  3. ensuring that multiculturalism is reflected in all our educational materials.

For people seeking to learn English as their second language, our certificates provide pathways for further tertiary study and employment opportunities in Australia.

API also partners with the Multicultural Community Centre to serve the community by providing practical training courses that meet the needs of new migrants. In 2018, the MCC, in partnership with API, was awarded and recognised as the the top training organisation in the state of Queensland.

RTO Provider number: 6153