Admission Policy


API will ensure that no applicant for admission to API will be disadvantaged in any way because of their race, gender, age (recognising of course the minimum age), social or educational background or disability.

Because of the nature of the courses, those applying will need to meet the following criteria:

  • For entry into Certificate IV, the student will need to be at least 16 years of age.
  • No formal educational requirements are necessary, but students would normally be expected to have completed year 10 secondary education. Mature aged students or those not meeting this requirement may still apply if the prospective student can demonstrate a proficiency in the English language. API has developed a procedure for testing proficiency in language and literacy which will be applied on an as needed basis.  Should applicants fail to meet the entry level needed they may be required to take some introductory modules. 

Applicants who do not fulfil the above requirements may apply for special exemption and admission will be granted at the Directors discretion.

Students less than 18 years of age will still need to secure signed permission from their parent or legal guardian before enrolling in the course.

In considering admission of a student, API is committed to the recognition of AQTF qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by any other RTO.  With this in mind API has a policy of Recognition of Prior Learning. 

It is the policy of API to offer RPL to all applying students (Refer to RPL Policy below).

The final point of admission is the individual interview required for each student.  This interview is not to exclude any potential student, but to assess their ability and determination to succeed in their studies, to fulfil the admission requirements.  This interview plus the other application materials and the referee’s reports (if the Administrator deemed it necessary to contact the proffered referees) assist API in an assessment of the extent to which the competency standards and outcomes of the course are likely to be achieved by the applicant, given his / her qualifications, proficiencies and aspirations. 

In the case of physical disabilities the conditions for completion of assessment tasks or field studies may be varied at the discretion of the CEO in accordance with API’s Access and Equity Policy.

English Competency Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are clearly stated in the API Prospectus. The language requirement criterion is defined as follows: –

  • Where English is the second language of an applicant, and they are studying as an overseas student an IELTS is not required generally unless otherwise stipulated in the student visa assessment. 
  • Students will be assessed through the application process as to their literacy level via the module “Introduction to the English Language”.  Further training and assessment will be given until the relevant learning outcomes are achieved.


  1. The Administrator receives inquiries about admission to Asian Pacific Institute
  2. The Administrator will send to the enquirer a brochure outlining the courses offered by Asian Pacific Institute, fees, refund & cancellation policy, application form and enrolment form.
  3. The Administrator will open a file in the prospective student’s name.
  4. A copy of the Student Handbook will be made available to the student.
  5.  The Administrator will draw the prospective student’s attention to and ensure that they have signed the enrolment form statement that they have read the following:
  • Admission requirements
  • Recognition of Prior Learning information
  • Assessment & Appeal procedures
  • Fees & Refund policy
  • Information about the course structure, flexible delivery and modes of learning
  • Grievance procedures

     6. Enrolment form is completed & forwarded to Asian Pacific Institute.  

    7. If necessary, the student will be asked to complete a test indicating levels of proficiency in language and literacy under the direction of the Administrator or Course Coordinator.

    8. Completed Language and Literacy test results and any recommendations concerning support in these areas, will be filed &/or actioned.

    9. Following confirmation of acceptance of the applicant, the Administrator or course Coordinator will send a letter of acceptance to the student and any other necessary information to facilitate their commencement at Asian Pacific Institute.

   10. The first day of training will include an orientation session to orientate students to the training environment.


  1. The Administrator will initiate an annual review of the admission policy, in time for the annual Internal Audit.
  2. The Administrator will review the policy according to the following parameters:

Admission Policy Report

Student Orientation Checklist