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Employment Success

Our college provides high standard of training that not just produce a qualification but a pathway to sustainable employment or further studies. Obviously, we can’t guarantee every graduate will get a job, but our college has an exceptional  track record of seeing almost 75% of our students being offered employment during or at the completion of their course. 

Welcoming Environment

No one succeeds alone. The social, environmental and relational factors in our lives play a huge role whether we can reach our dreams and goals. In API, the high standard of training is delivered in warm, supportive and culturally diverse environment where students experience friendship, encouragement and practical assistance from each other and from the trainer.


Flexible Training

API provide a training that combines both classroom and teaching and practical demonstration as well as work placement so that our students are well equipped for paid employment.

On other hand, we also provide flexibility and individualised approach to help students to learn according to their strengths.


Why study at API

At API we apply a uniquely holistic and multicultural approach by:

  1. Giving you a warm welcome and providing you the assurance of a friendly and caring environment,
  2. Making available broader opportunities for you to experience all facets of Australian living and
  3. Ensuring that multiculturalism is reflected in all our educational materials.

We have courses specially designed for CALD students. We offer theoretical and hands-on practical lessons, including work experience in job locations, that have resulted in many of our students being employed. We also help you with job preparation, including resume writing and interview training, that have will improve your chances of employment.

For people seeking to learn English as their second language, our certificates provide pathways for further tertiary study and employment opportunities in Australia.

API also partners with the Multicultural Community Centre to serve the community by providing practical training courses that meet the needs of new migrants. In 2018, the MCC, in partnership with API, was awarded and recognised as the the top training organisation in the state of Queensland.